For the adventurous in love

We are Filomena

We are Jaime & Lorena

Whether asking silly questions on the road or with a cup of coffee making music in our home, we love being together as spouses creating and laughing.

We are an actress and a filmmaker passionate about weddings, for telling love stories of the coolest people we meet. Our wedding was the beginning of Filomena and now we are the Film Crew.

We are Daniel & Ulises

It was a long time before we finally got to know each other and when it happened, there was no way to separate us. We like to spend the afternoon watching movies at home with our two cats, but we are always ready for the call to adventure.

We captured the union of Jaime & Lore and and now we are the Photography Crew.


Filomena Team

We love spending time together, eating and drinking beer, we love to travel, discover new places and we love meeting new people and being able to tell their stories.

From the beginning we worked together as a team, we believe that photography and video together tell us more in depth of each story, so we can have different elements and languages, that allows us to be more creative in order to deliver a more personal memory and intimate.

As a team we are more powerful, although each one has a main mission, together we create bigger ideas, we support each other all the time and we are 4 different voices that will advise you along the way.

“What a wonderful world we live in”

A few more things we love